If you are thinking of joining Legit Online Jobs I would definitely read this article first!

Legit Online Jobs is a non-traditional data entry job/training program which in short is affiliate marketing. For anyone that is not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is advertising for web companies in order to promote their products. Your pay is commission based which usually ranges from 50-75% which is actually a lot.

Now if you ask me, I don't believe that Legit Online Jobs is necessarily a scam. However, I do think
they are misleading. They will have you to believe that you can easily earn $200 per day which is not true. Nothing is that easy, not even the easiest job on the planet is that easy. So for any one believing this, just know that any job takes work as this one certainly does as well.

Now Data entry programs such as this one can be very lucrative if done right, which takes a good training program and good techniques taught. The problem is I don't believe that their training program
is the best one out there, so do your research. The problem I see with this program is they mainly train you how to do Google adwords which is a search engine advertising company. This is not free and can end up costing more then it's worth if you don't know how to use it right. Now I'm not saying you cannot make $200 a day with these sorts of programs, you can, however, it takes work on your part and you can achieve this with free ad methods rather then paid.

Unfortunately Legit Online Jobs does not teach you too many free ad methods in their training program and this is where they lack.

If you enjoy typing and are looking into something like this I would look around before jumping into the first company you see. A great alternative company to Legit Online Jobs is a company called Typist Jobs.
They offer several free ad placing methods and their training/members area is full of great techniques and free and low cost methods to do your ads. It sure beats losing your wallet on Google adwords.

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Sharing reviews and business ideas for people interested on making a living online. For a recommended data entry job Check out Typist Jobs.

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